Cats Breathe Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

"Saving lives one purr at a time"

Our Mission.

Mission  Statement 

Leaving No Feline Behind

At our cat rescue and sanctuary, our mission is to provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for cats in need. We strive to end the suffering of abandoned, abused and neglected cats by providing them with medical care, rehabilitation, and ultimately, finding them loving homes. We aim to educate the public about responsible cat ownership, encourage spay/neuter programs and raise awareness about the plight of homeless cats. Our goal is to create a community where every cat is valued and loved. And No cat is ever left behind

(909) 643-9364

There are many ways to contact us

(909) 643-9364 1-888-771-0180

There are many ways to contact us

(909) 643-9364 1-888-771-0180

Our Programs

Fire & Disaster Rescue Squad

Is a team of dedicated volunteers that are trained to deal in these situations to go in and save as many kitty’s as they can  they could be homeless feral cats or cats abandoned when people vacated the area either way our volunteers go in and bring them out to safety medical care safe housing love and food.

Our Adoption Program

Our Adoption Program seeks to rehabilitate and find homes for homeless cats. We offer services for former cat owners who need to surrender their cats for personal reasons, as well as for new cat owners who are interested in adopting a cat.