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General pest control and bed bug treatment

    1. Inspection and treatment of either residual spraying and/or gel baiting (depending on species and infestation area)
    2. Apply Rat glue boards or rat baits at strategic areas
    3. Direct spraying at the mattress, bed frames, screw joints, edges, bedroom floor junctions, corners, wall plugs
    4. Treatment will be done 2 times within 1 week.



Termite baiting treatment

    1. Inspection & installation of termite bait at active termite infestation spots
    2. Follow-up visit every 2-3 weeks until total termites colony/nests eliminated (usually takes about 2 – 3 months)
    3. 1 year warranty provided effective from the date of total elimination

Slab injection anti termite treatment

  1. Drilling at the floor junctions at every 2 feet intervals and injecting termiticide into each holes
  2. Holes will be patch back with normal or coloured cement
  3. 3 years warranty upon completion

Pest Control Management & Solution

What we do?

1- In house pest management

2- Pest management report

3- Pest treatment


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